About Lundale Law

Lundale Law provides legal services in the areas of real estate, family, wills/estates, municipal law, and Ontario Tribunal work. Although we are not a civil litigation firm, we provide unbundled services that draft the client’s court and properly prepare them for their court process. Our goal is to provide reasonably priced legal services that make our clients happy, a tradition that has been successfully upheld since 2018.  

At Lundale Law, we care about our clients and settle cases efficiently and with the utmost care. We are honest, pride ourselves in conflict mediation, and are experts at controlling and de-escalating situations before there is any need to go to court.  Lundale Law has a high success rate when it comes to settling cases with mutually acceptable results for each party.  We are a small team and focus on creating the best outcome for you using a client-centered approach.  Lundale Law is not like other law firms in that we pride ourselves in using a personalized approach when working toward the client’s desired outcome. We are a law practice with heart.


About Norm Lundale

Norm Lundale has always been passionate about helping others. In 2001 Norm was studying medicine in New York City, to where he fell victim to the World Trade Centre attack. This experience forced a change in his career path that led him to practice of law in the areas in which he felt he could provide the largest positive impact for people.

Norm later came home to Canada and obtained his Juris Doctor from Windsor Law and was called to the bar in 2014. Initially Norm began working in the areas of family and criminal law. This provided him with a well-rounded “access to justice” base from which to expand his solicitor practice. As a result, he approaches client service always with the values of equity and fairness in mind. 

Norm is a successful negotiator and gives a personalized service to his clients.  He currently practices in the areas of family, real estate, Wills, and administrative law.  When he is not busy working, he likes to spend time outdoors and interact with the local community